Sunday, 29 July 2012

Over It

For a while there, I couldn't stop thinking about the unthinkable.  Another baby. 

We always said TWO.  JUST TWO.  And I agreed wholeheartedly.  Two is perfect.

But then we had this girl.  And I got to experience a real babymoon. HEAD OVER HEELS.  In case you hadn't noticed.

I missed out on that phase with this girl, thanks to PPD.  The whole parenting learning curve was a little... steep.  

But oh, she is a ridiculous amount of fun and I really, really like her.  Yes, of course I LOVE her, but (as my Mom always said) it's really something when you realize that you LIKE your kids.  Their little personalities and everything.  

She is a wonder.

Plus have you noticed how adorable they both are?  We make good lookin' babies over here. And they're healthy!  So why not go for 3?  You'll hardly notice, it's so easy.  The scales were tipping, friends.   And I was yearning.

But then we took the girls to New York City for five days and I WAS CURED.


I'm good with two.  Especially these two.  

I'm mourning the end of the new baby part of my life, but I think that's normal.  How about just appreciating this part? Being happy with what I have?  How about that?  

Voilà.  New plan. Done.

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Carolee said...

Ha ha - never say never!

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