Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Breaking Fast

This is my current favourite breakfast: toasted multigrain bread, butter and fresh strawberries and/or nectarine.  Also, important to note that the toast must be buttered while it's still hot.  Otherwise, perfect breakfast FAIL.

Hmmm...  This may explain why my pants keep shrinking.

I usually only have ONE piece, but with local strawberries so delicious and plentiful I couldn't ignore them and I had a perfect nectarine that needed to be eaten.  I took one for the team and ate them both.  

I'm good like that.

OK friends, put on your comment caps because I really want to know.   What do you eat for breakfast? COME ON!  Throw a blogger a bone.  Or some cereal, whatever.



Julie Norman said...

Nice one Treez. I vary my breakfasts, as it goes. This morning I had Joyce's homemade sourdough bread with butter and jam and yesterday it was greek yoghurt with museli and maple syrup.

Great! Now I feel hungry....

Theresa said...

JNo! Brilliant. If I had Joyce's homemade sourdough bread in my house it wouldn't take long before NONE of my clothes fit. But the yogurt/museli/syrup combo is delightful as well. Breakfast is the best.

Joyce said...

You'd think with all the bread baking, I'd be eating lots of it, but I'm not a huge toast fan. Although, I can't resist toast with avocado and tomato, which I occasionally have for breakfast. Usually I have a smoothie (almond milk, banana, random fruit, and something green). Or almond yoghurt, banana, and pumpkin seeds.

Carolee said...

Yesterday I had spoon-sized shredded wheat but the morning before that I had some of Bari's banana bread that she left behind - delish!

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