Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day!

This post is being brought to you by...  Jetlag! Alice and I got in from Vancouver late last night.  Wait, did I say late?  I meant EARLY. After midnight is technically early the next morning.  So let's say that I went to bed EARLY.  2AM early.  Adorable husband let me sleep in until 10 so I can't complain but let me just say in a non-complainy way - I BE SLEEPY.                                               Yes, the flight was fine.  Alice is a little less, um, vocal than her big sister when she gets tired.  So that's easier.   By the end she was sleepy but enjoying the Wiggles on mute and cheerfully interacting with everyone around us.  See?  Plane pictures.                         

Since it's Canada Day, we got our act (and when I say act, I mean unruly, also-tired children) together to celebrate with our friends in the burbs.  It was brilliant.  Lovely, shady park, lots of bouncy-castle type stuff, cheap food, nice people and a circus show.  Of course now it's too late to photo you up so here are my faves. 

Because now I have to go to bed.

O CANADA!  The most patriotic member of our household. 

Alice letting us know how many minutes we have to get her some FOOD already before  AWOOGA! WARNING! MELTDOWN!  (avoided, high fives parents!) 

 You'll be glad to hear that our urban garden survived.  

Stéphane and Liliane faithfully watered it and I even showed Stéphane how to deadhead.  I'm so happy.

And that, my friends, is the first day of my July Blog Posting Extravaganza!  

How did you celebrate Canada Day?

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