Sunday, 15 July 2012

Urban Garden Update

We have been sweating through a heatwave the last few days and despite my best efforts, the urban garden has seen casualties.

Goodbye impatiens in a basket. You were the first arrival and sadly, the first departure.


Beloved pansies, I fear you are the next to go.


Way to go hardy thyme and lemon sage! You guys are hanging in there.


And this petunia is also thriving. Note for next year: MORE PETUNIAS.


Anybody else have a green thumb out there?



1 comment:

Shawna said...

I kill impatiens like no bodies business...don't know what I do, but it happens every year...

As for petunias and white geraniums (like most of greece) as they love full sun and little to no water.

But don't fear, my hanging baskets were almost dead and a brought them back to life by putting them in the top of our garbage can with the lid upside down for 24 hours and they came back...thank the good lord! Apparently the trick to keeping hanging baskets is lining them with plastic (prior to planting) or putting them in a container that doesn't have holes to prevent drying out.

Hope that helps, however I can't say that I am doing any better than you ;)

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