Monday, 9 July 2012

Date Night

You know you are parenting small children when going out for dinner to a restaurant that doesn't have crayons is the highlight of your month.

My husband knows that and so he organized a date night for us on Saturday as part of my birthday present.  Hooray!

I wanted to try this new French restaurant in our neighborhood called Tandem.   It got a bunch of good reviews online, you bring your own wine and it's a five minute walk from our house.  Perfect.

Stéphane reserved a table for us on the terrace and it was a glorious evening for it.  Not too hot, not too breezy, hardly any smokers.

I had the gaspacho (perfect), the Croustillant de chevre (basically a slice of goat cheese breaded, then fried, served with pineapple and salad greens.  I just drooled on the keyboard.) and the filet mignon.  TO DIE FOR.  Dessert was the lemon pie and even the decaf espresso was good.

 Also note the amuse-bouche on the table: cauliflower cous-cous with parsley and lemon.  Delish. I am telling you all this because my date requested that I stop taking photos like a tourist, svp.  They might think that we never go out!


I love the nasturtiums in their flower boxes. 

We ate until we could eat no more, we finished our splurge bottle of Amarone and thank goodness we perked up on the walk home.  It was 10:30PM for crying out loud.  LATE.  Also, we were maybe a little tipsy.  In a good way.  

I am happy to report that we didn't have a hangover the next day - food OR alcohol.  Back to business as usual.  7:30 wake up, church, wading pool (closed for an hour when we arrived due to super cleansing because some kid BARFED.  *gag*), hike through the park to the big pool, BBQ dinner and a late-night shame walk to DQ for late-night treat.  Because we were short on CALORIES,  you see.

Happy Monday! See you tomorrow?

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Tina Lavoie said...

Looks delicious! Glad you and Stephane had such a nice date. Having children really makes you appreciate your adult, alone time in ways that were totally taken for granted before.

BTW, the flowers are lovely, but you're even prettier.

Look forward to meeting you again before long. :D

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