Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Best Friend's Baby

Today is my BFF's birthday.  July 7, exactly 4 days after mine.  

Her name is Julie and it's funny because I have more than one BFF named Julie.  In fact, if we are friends and your name happens to be Julie... WATCH OUT!  I could be talking about you here in 30 years.  

When I was in B.C. last week I got to meet Julie's baby girl, born May 6.  She had the best birth EVER  (mostly at home, no drugs, no tearing) and Julie is turning out to be a brilliant mother.  But I always knew she would.  We've been friends since we were THREE.  Holy cow, 35 years.  

Kaiya with her strawberry highlights.  Her aunt and Grandpa are gingers so I betcha this babe will be too.  

Seriously. Do you have to look so healthy only TWO MONTHS after your baby is born? :)

She really is the sweetest, cuddliest girl.  I can't wait to watch her grow up! 

Julie and Dylan, you two make great babies and you are already wonderful parents.  So proud of you.

Happy Birthday!  


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