Monday, 2 July 2012

2 For 2

Wow, don't go overwhelming me now with your enthusiasm for my big "Hey let's post everyday in July because it's my birthday month" plan.


*tap tap*  Is this thing on?

That's OK.  We have 29 more days to go!

Yeah, so it's 10:30 PM but this happened:

You can't see my little finger right now but my Maman is securely wrapped around it. 

About an hour after she fell asleep breastfeeding (which happens rarely - not the feeding but the falling asleep while feeding) she woke up and wasn't cold or wet or hungry.  She was cuddle deprived.  I think she can sense that our 10-day "Maman and Me Extravaganza" time is about to end.

She's back in bed now and it's that beautiful part of the evening when both children are asleep.  I love it not just because they are quiet but because I feel like we've done our job.  Or something.  Don't pay any attention to me.

OK so it's my birthday tomorrow.  Cupcakes, flowers and free babysitting are all excellent gift ideas.


See you tomorrow!


Maguiresaunt said...

Soooo thrilled that you're posting every day!! And just a note on yesterday's case I hadn't said anything before, I love you urban garden. :o)

Theresa said...

Thanks Michele! I love our li'l garden, too. So glad it survived without me :)

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