Friday, 27 July 2012


We were sleepy.  We were grimy.  A little shaken from the torrential downpour and hurricane winds.  But mostly we were soooo tired of listening to the Brave soundtrack.  As much as I love a good Celtic anthem, THERE IS A LIMIT, CHILD.  

But at midnight last night, Lady Elantra rolled up to our front door and we were home.


On our way out of Brooklyn we made one last stop at Uncle Matthew's to say our goodbyes.  These are my attempts at getting the three cousins to sit still for photos.  

 Bye Asher! Bye Auntie Jaime! Bye Uncle Matthew (not pictured, had to get to work)! 
Thanks for a great visit.

One last Brooklyn experience before hitting the BQE.  We grabbed a slice at Luigi's (famous) Pizza. 

Famous not just because the pizza is so good (it is),

 Or because it's been around for almost 40 years,

but because Adam Sandler shot a movie here!

(photo collage courtesy of a lovely blog called It's All Connected.  Thank you!)

Eating a slice the REAL way.  (Better, Bari?)

OK I totally missed the tossing-dough-in-the-air moment. And his face.  And is that Luigi? I clearly needed to ask more questions.

We braced ourselves for a 2-hour traffic jam trying to get out of the city but Hallelujah!  Smooth sailing.  We celebrated by stopping after an hour for snacks and a roadside picnic.  I know, an HOUR. But someone had to pee and we needed coffee.  And Dora dolls apparently.

Liliane's view from the backseat. It was decreed that I should hold on to her new Merida and Dora dollies in the front seat.  While she played with my iPhone. Wait, what? 
I'm telling you readers, when you get to hour 867 of an endless car trip, your brain starts to melt.

This picture actually goes with yesterday's post but I was updating from the car and I can't add photos from the iPhone so.... here you go.  Taken as we were waiting at the border at around 10:30 PM.  

No, I don't WANNA SLEEP.  I NOT TIRED. (etc.)

I am totally blowing this up to poster size for her wedding.  


Carolee said...

Welcome home! Is your garden still alive?

Theresa said...

Yes! And in better shape than I left it! I think it was cooler here while we were gone.

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