Sunday, 8 July 2012

All That Jazz

Montreal has a jazz festival - perhaps you've heard of it?  We took Liliane for the first time in 2008 and last year we had a ton of (free) fun.

Yesterday was the last day so we thought hey!  Let's join a billion other people with the same idea and spend this hot day outside with our kids!  Listening to free music and making a mess not at our house!


The girls wore new matchy matchy dresses, thanks to Auntie Jen.  

Once we hit the middle of the action we were happily surprised to see that it was kinda quiet.  Except for this excellent Dixieland band.  They were boisterous.

All my photos from this point on are from the super fun water area.  You thought the jazz fest was about the music?  Ha! We could kinda hear some in the background.  It was cool.

Lili and Lulu!

Just for fun, here they are together last year.  What happened to my baby?

It took about 30 seconds for both girls to get soaked from head to toe.  Then they took pictures with all the wacky jazz fest characters that came by.

 Alice was NOT into the water.  I tried to dip her toes but there was lots of foot curling and head shaking and general concern.  She hung out with Manon (and her chic chapeau) and Papa.

Not even ONE SECOND before this photo she was being so cute and smiley.  (Alice, not Manon.  Manon is VERY SMILEY) BAM! Now my only other photo of the baby is the back arch of doom.  

So that's the Jazz Festival.  It's a great event for kids.  Heck, it's a great event for everyone.  Local, free, easy to get to, cultural AND fun.  

So what did YOU do this weekend?

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