Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Birthday Stroll, B.C. Edition

While Alice and I were in B.C. a couple of weeks ago my Mom threw me an early birthday lunch with all the family.  I say that casually but let me put that in perspective: Alice and I, my brother, his wife and my nephew Asher, my sister Jennifer and her EIGHT KIDS (I'll let that sink in for a minute), my Dad, and finally my little sister Jaime.  I'm too lazy to count exactly but it was a LOT.  

 I got to choose the menu (cold sandwiches, potato salad, other cool stuff) and the cake (white with lemon filling and whipped cream).  What I did not get to choose is the Dorktastic photo my SIL took with mah preshus dessert: 
(Sorry, Instagram does not want you to enjoy this photo in a regular size. Frankly, this is big enough for  me too.)

Alice played with this balloon for AN HOUR.  I'm not kidding.  Once all her 8 cousins had left of course.  I don't have any pictures of them because I was on camera strike.  I decided to be all IN THE MOMENT and stuff.  

I whipped out my phone for this, though.  My sister's kiddos made me a super cute birthday card.  Then they all left and I happened to turn over my card and HA!  The truth comes out!

It was rare sunny day so my Mom proposed that we take Alice for a spin around the neighbourhood before bed.   We bundled her up (for about 2 minutes, I'm not cold and you are impeding the flapping of my arms and legs kthxbye.)

It was such a gorgeous evening.  Even my camera shy Mama was up for a photo.

 BTW that is $1 McDonald's Diet Coke in the cupholder.  Jetlag was trying to kill me and I don't know what they put in that stuff but it sure wakes a sleepy person up.  

It was a lovely day.  Seriously kicking myself for not having better pictures but hopefully my SIL will do a post with all her great pix.  

See you tomorrow?

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