Saturday, 14 July 2012

Too Tired for DQ

Oh WOW.  It was hot today.  But we didn't care, we spent the day poolside.

This is Dany, father of house and tireless player of various "throw the kids up in the air" pool games.  Or in Liliane's case, "don't let my head go under the waaaatteerrrr" patience.

Not only was there a pool, but also a trampoline.  This is known as PARADISE. 

Merci Iza, Dany et famille!  On a tellement adoré notre journée! xo

Keep cool, reader(s)! Throw me a comment to reassure me that you haven't melted!

1 comment:

Vanessa Z. said...

Oh how I LONG to be in a pool!!!!! Looks like tons of fun in the heat!

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