Sunday, 22 July 2012

Baby of Mine

I have been trying to compose this post for weeks but every time I tried, a cliché machine took over.  Like I was writing greeting cards.

So I give up.  All my words could never express the depth of love I have for you, precious girl. So let's trot out the old chestnuts and embrace the schmaltz.  Baby of mine.

This is you, a year ago today.  Not your best look.  As, um, challenging as your birth was for me, it must have been just as tough for you.  Hence the blood vessel freckles and bruised eyes.  Your calm disposition shone through immediately, though.  And the cuddles, oh! Definitely your thing from the get-go.

Meeting Liliane, your all-time favourite person.

Those weeks after we brought you home were bliss.  

Sure you had gas, sure we had some breastfeeding issues, but it was all good because you were so easygoing.  

And now you are a one-year old, sturdy, blonde-haired, blue-eyed bombshell. 

Who loves books.

And shopping carts.

And family.

Like I said, I can't begin to express how much we love you and how much better our whole world is now that we are a family of four.

 My sweet baby.  My snuggly, still-breastfeeding, social butterfly. My gappy-smiled, about-to-walk, eating-machine, water-loving jokester.

As much as I don't ever want this time to end, it thrills me to think of all the great stuff Miss Alice Ruth Piercy Arbour still has to share with us.  And I kinda can't wait to be there for that.

I love you so much!  Happy Birthday.


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Carolee said...

Love you, Birthday Baby!

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