Monday, 6 August 2012


Ooops!  Yeah, I totally failed to post on my last day of the ballyhooed every-single-day-blog-posting-in-July extravaganza.

I blame Tom Cruise.

We brought our DVD of War of the Worlds to the cottage and once we popped it in I was a goner.  What?  That movie is STRESSFUL.  Plus I was reminded that despite all the cray-cray in his personal life, Tom Cruise rocks the big screen.  Well, on our case the very small screen but it was still great.  By the time he was done saving the world it was midnight and I was down for the count.

Which brings me to my next point.  Friends, if you are not a parents, you can ask anyone with little kids: family vacation IS EXHAUSTING.  Parents: can I get an AMEN?  Also - WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US?

But it was great.  Just not in a "wow, I feel like our batteries have been recharged" kind of way.

(Apply the old "we need vacation after our vacation" cliché HERE)

But we made lots of great memories and we made the most of our two weeks, no question.

Anybody out there have holidays coming up?

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