Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Animal Style

Do you guys know In-N-Out Burger?  I know a few of my readers do (Hi Tina! Hi Vicky!) but for the rest of you, let me take a moment to talk about this fast food awesomeness that is based in California. 

We discovered In-N-Out on a trip to California for Eric and Tina's wedding in 2007.  I was about 4 months pregnant and COULD NOT GET ENOUGH of the In-N-Out burgers.  

While we were hanging out with Eric and Tina's cool friends, we learned about the secret menu.  As if the regular menu wasn't enough, there are even MORE options.  One of those options is to have your burger "animal-style."burger of your choice with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, a mustard cooked beef patty; add pickle, extra spread with grilled onions. YES PLEASE. 

ANYWAY, since it's been 5 years since I last got to eat an animal-style burger I thought I would bring it up.  Also, it makes for a nice segue to my post today... about the zoo.  Get it? ANIMAL STYLE!

Don't worry, we didn't eat any of the animals you are about to see.  

It was a perfect day to spend outside.  Sunny but not too hot.  

The only thing better than going to the zoo is going to the zoo with your BFF!

Just for fun, let's pause to remember the last time I was at the zoo with Lilane.  In 2008.  

Anyone else feel old? No, just me?

Manon and Luana, our partners in zoology.  I know that doesn't make sense.  Humour me.

I have been accepted by a roving pack of Sticky Girls!  They have adopted me as one of their own. Somebody call the Nature Channel!

Their game-playing booty.  It was the most stressful game Manon and I they ever played.

All in all, an excellent day.  Not pictured: swimming in the huge wave pool, buying zoo-venirs (sorry) and dinner at the local St. Hubert.  Where we they do not offer animal-style burgers but it was delicious nonetheless.

I think today is back to school for kids in Quebec.  Everyone else is the day after Labour Day making this your last week of summer. What are you up to?

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Tina Lavoie said...

My gosh, you have no idea how much I miss In-n-Out! I've been craving it lately, too. Why can Montreal not have one?

Lili and her friend look adorable together. Looks like all you sticky girls had fun. :c)

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