Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Walk This Way

Hi!  It's been ages, I KNOW!  Sorry about that.  

My excuses very compelling reasons for not posting are listed below, in no particular order:

1. I had a contract for all of September that required me to WRITE STUFF.  And they are paying me! Yay!
2. Fall TV.  
3. Teething - Alice, not me.  Lack of sleep = lack of blog inspiration, but you already knew that.
4. Words with Friends. 
5. The runny-nose-sore-throat-generally-unhappy variety of cold/cough/who knows thanks to having kids at two different daycares which should really be called "arenas for optimum germ sharing."
6. I got tonsillitis and WANTED TO DIE.  It was so awful.
7. SOMEONE in our house has all up and developed some new skills as you can see in the video. BONUS caught on camera: Alice's special roar of irritation.  We hear it a lot these days.  Need some water?  ROAR.  Want a different toy? ROAR.  See a cat walking in the street?  ROAR but also giggle because she loves cats.  You get the picture.

I have accepted that it's fall now although I cannot CANNOT get on board with Thanksgiving already this weekend.  I vote for Thanksgiving to happen in the middle of October.  Anybody with me?  

Liliane's 5th birthday is coming up and her all-time favourite non-gifting holiday: HALLOWEEN! She's pestering me to put up the decorations already.  I have a bunch of fall stuff out (gimme a break kid) but apparently until you have every surface covered, you're not done.  We need something inna winnows, Maman.  

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

1 comment:

Julie Norman said...

Oh, spirited children and their demands. I just CANNOT relate! Theresa, we will never be bored, EVER! jx

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