Monday, 22 October 2012


Hi!  I am fifteen months old today!


-the blowdryer


-feeding myself ALL BY MYSELF

-also: watching my parents CONSTANTLY CLEANING UP



Oh and books.  That kid loves books.


-puffy star snacks



-expensive macarons

 aaannnnddd... party hats.

My sweet babboo, you fooled us with your super easy babyhood.  It's been quite something to witness your transformation from an easygoing little lovebug to a fiercely independent, loud and yelly yet snuggly toddler.  I hear from your teacher that NO ONE messes with you or your toys.  I believe it.  

Man am I glad you're our last baby. There is only so much, um, CHARACTER one family can take.  

Oh but when your chubby arms are squeezed around my neck and I breathe in your baby hair smell, I wish you would stay like this forever.   Character and all.

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