Thursday, 17 November 2011

Under the Wire - A Post About Dinner

Yesterday I shared a photo on Facebook of our pot roast dinner as it was about to go in the oven.  But I didn't include a photo of the world's most adorable sous chef:

Yo Batali, I'm getting bored over here.
In case you didn't see it yesterday, here is Pioneer Woman's perfect pot roast on its way into the oven:

Um, is this dish appropriate for us milktarians?

I forgot to take a picture of the final result but here is my lunch of leftovers.

Yep, totally ate that entire bowl.

So happy she likes the Bumbo. Unlike other babies I've hung out with (not to name names but rhymes with FLILIANE) Alice was happy to sit and watch and occasionally comment on my cooking.

You deglaze like a newborn!

Do I need to motivate you with mah spoon?
So yeah, that's it. This is what happens when you make cornmeal cranberry orange muffins this afternoon instead of blogging.  Sorry, but they were DELICIOUS. 

Also, my brain is a little busy lately what with Christmas coming and hello did you know that it's already November 17?  We're hosting an Arbour family Christmas brunch here on December 3rd which is REALLY REALLY SOON. 

AND we really want to get Liliane the new Leappad tablet and I'm having flashbacks to the great Cabbage Patch Panic of 1984 or whenever it was. I can't find one anywhere! If you have any leads, please help me out on this one okay? I'm a little desperate since we'll be flying out west in a few weeks with TWO CHILDREN and since we can't (legally) knock them out for the entire flight, fancy electronical toys and games are the way to go. Plus some Gravol for the 4 year old who never met a chair she didn't like to wiggle off in 3.2 seconds. FOR HER TUMMY, yeah, that's it. 

Oh and I can't remember the last time I washed the floor. Like I've stopped trying to figure out where the gunky spots are that keep making my feet stick to the hardwood. Welcome to our home!  Complete with movie theatre floors!

ANYWAY, thanks for the new comments, readers!

Mark L: Am totally enjoying The Marriage Plot. Sorry, more poop than politics around here :)

Ally: Yay, your first comment! Now who are you exactly?

Back tomorrow with Friday favourite!


b said...

your sous chef is fantastic! her faces make me laugh out loud. Mine just wants to "wash" already clean dishes and grab at knives and fall off the chair when my back is turned. oopsie.


seriously. its a beautiful thing. not like you kids are gonna have any downtime on that flight anyway...embrace!

(do you need me to buy the tablet? it can be in my hands by monday. say the word)

Sandi said...

Boy does your sous chef look like her Daddy.

Theresa said...

Sandi - phew! Ha ha. No, she looks like ME! The other one already looks like his side. ME ME ME. OK, a little like him. :)

Ally said...

Some clues...
1. I lived in Vancouver but only for a few months, I now live in Berlin again
2. I once needed help with my French 11 homework and you helped me out, merci again :)
3. Jaime and your dad are two of the loveliest people I know

I could give you more clues... ;)

Theresa said...

Ally! A.k.a. Alice! What a lovely name ;) Of course I know who you are. Thanks for commenting!

Carolee said...

ADORABLE! And dinner looked wonderful.

(There is a little 'looks like her daddy' slipping in there - better tighten your grip!)

Sandi said...

I think it's the look on her face in that first pic. Looks like S when he's setting up photo ops.

Ruth said...

Hi - Theresa - Coles/Indigo have the Leappad and you can have it shipped for free|5777|LeapPad||S||6589680422&gclid=CIfDqYG7w6wCFcx-5QodvxV7pQ

Theresa said...

Thanks Ruth! But sadly you were fooled by the very similarly named product called the Leapster Explorer. The LeapPad is still sold out :(

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