Thursday, 24 November 2011

Schadenfreude, Lite (Also - It's My Blog and I'll Whine if I Want To)

All you parents of non-sleeping babies please look away. As I have maybe mentioned in the past, Alice has been sleeping through the night since she was around 6 weeks old. I KNOW. (Sorry)

But can I tell you that there is a downside to that? Like when your perfect, preshus babee commits the most innocent of sleep crimes, it's shocking. SHOCKING.

*insert eyeroll here*  (It's OK, I deserve it.)

So Alice is now four months old and like most babies this age she has been getting all wriggly and a little whiny every two or three hours as she goes through her newfound sleep cycles. No more instant REM sleep (sad face). Since she is installed right beside me in the beloved co-sleeper/mini crib, I wake up every few hours to pop her soother back in until goes back to sleep.  Okay so maybe it only takes about a minute each time but COME ON.

I also notice that she has a curious new approach to naptime. Instead of dozing off peacefully, she prefers the "what is this feeling, I MUST FIGHT IT" technique. She doesn't want to be rocked or fed or cuddled (I know that because the back-arch-of-doom has now become part of her repertoire), she  wants to get into her bed but feels compelled to yell about it for a while once she's comfortable.

No, not hungry. She is screamy and incredibly persistent when she's hungry.  And since we did start giving rice cereal to Liliane at this age, I think that's on the agenda next week.

Oh and then I made the mistake of Googling "4 month old baby sleep." For about five minutes I enjoyed a little shadenfreude of my own reading about other people's baby sleep issues. But a knot started forming in the pit of my stomach as I started to dread all the disruptive things MY baby could be doing (and is maybe starting to do?) and OH NOES IT'S ALL GOING TO GET WORSE.

I know, cry me a river, right? But I thought I should share my concerns so I can a) have something to talk about on this here blog and b) have something to talk about  next month when it all goes wrong. Or right. The way things have been with this kid, it will all be fine and I'll once again be that annoying mother of a freakishly good sleeper.

Also, I have to attempt to pump some milk and give Alice a bottle. Don't talk to me about some WINDOW between 6 and 8 weeks, hippies. I missed the freaking window so we're trying it now. Or soon. Why is everything taking so long with me?

I'll keep you posted. Please don't throw rocks at me.


b said...

Having a nice routine that changes for no reason is probably the hardest part about parenting a baby/small child. Its the bane of my existence, I find it so frustrating. At least for now you just have to pop a soother in. Asher is (and was) a little more "charming" in the middle of the night.

Also, worth a look into rice cereal alternatives. They were almost phasing it out as a recommendation here by the time Asher was born-we only gave it to him once-and now everyone seems to start with avocado or another veggie (??) Then again most people here wait for 6 mos with bf babes so maybe digestion is easier with rice at 4 mos? I dunno.

Wendy said...

Hannah's routine seems to change every 10 days or Alice she is a good sleeper so I am lucky.

If you want to boost your milk supply so you can easily pump...try fenugreek, a herbal supplement. It usually works in 24-48 hours. The CLSC suggested it to me.

Good luck

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