Monday, 21 November 2011

Coup d'État

Look out blondie, there's a new Princess in town!

I shall be a firm, yet benevolent ruler. 

Royal tributes of tummy zerberts, goofy faces and nomming of the cheeks will be accepted. 

Hee hee, I pooped in my throne!

In case you were wondering, last night we decided on the big present for the 4 year old:

We're going to adopt a slightly older, also very adorable blonde kid to play with her!  Ha ha, no. We're going with the Cinderella horse and carriage. Oh, and of course we have to buy the Cinderella doll to go inside. 

We actually had the doll AND the carriage in hand yesterday but chickened out because the box was a little junked up.  I KNOW. Taking bets now on how quickly these will disappear from the shelves now that we figured out that we want it.  I'll keep you posted.


Bari said...

Asher makes the exact face in the 2nd pic. The one where she looks put it but is really happy for attn. good luck with that!

Bari said...

put OUT. thanks auto correct.

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