Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday Favourite: How My Vacuum Cleaner Makes Me a Better Person

It's after midnight, I'm sitting in the rocking chair, breastfeeding. AGAIN. The same chair I find myself every 2 hours or so with my newborn. I have nothing else to do let my head loll between reality TV and the living room carpet where I see the same crap on it that's been there for days and days and days. Ok, maybe two days but when you're  that tired it's like forever. Can I get an amen?

So, what's the big deal? Get up and vacuum, problem solved. Yeah, I'll get right on that but wait! I think I'd like to ACTUALLY CLOSE MY EYES for an hour or two first. Sleep wins, as it should if you want to survive those first few months.

Also we had the world's most disagreeable vacuum cleaner (yeah YOU aptly named Dirt Devil) that took to spewing out more dust than it sucked in.  Noisier than a jack hammer, about as easy to manoeuvre as an elephant in a wheelbarrow and just as heavy.  Ugh. 

But a crappy looking carpet, (not to mention dust bunnies lurking in every corner), doesn't help your already fragile morale. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the sight of all my hair on the bathroom floor triggered more than one "waaaaahhh, this is too haaaarrrddd" breakdown in the early days with both babies. Hormones for the win!

So when we got our Dyson DC35, my life (and the frequency of my crying jags) completely changed. Sound crazy? Hear me out.

This completely cordless (runs on rechargeable battery) super lightweight vacuum has changed my life.  Our one and only rug is back to its original colour. Dinnertime crumb disasters (of which there are MANY) are a cinch, even pesky ceiling dust is a thing of the past. And my HAIR (currently at the 3.5 month falling-out-in-huge-clumps-everywhere stage - bye estrogen! It was a great party!) which is everywhere all the time, is now under control.

And I vacuum EVERY DAY. Why?  Because I'm insane it's fun!

This baby is perfect for our 1100 square foot hardwood floor condo. It hardly takes up any space hanging on the wall in the laundry room and what they say is true, it never loses suction.

Also super easy to empty and one filter to rinse out with cold water once a month. And it's light enough that I can do the whole house with one hand, carrying a chubby almost 4 month old on my shoulder with the other.

It comes with a wall mount where it plugs in so the battery is always ready to go. There are nifty little attachments and the long nozzle comes off so you can use it kinda like a dustbuster. The roller bar is amazing and super easy to clean.  Plus the instructions are user friendly (perfect for sleep-starved parents) and shipping is free!

No, Dyson is not paying me to rhapsodize about their product (hey! Let's get a random mommy-blogger with three readers to promote our stuff! That will get us a big fat Christmas bonus this year!), this just me, genuinely so happy with.... a vacuum cleaner.

And that my friends, was another edition of Friday Favourites.  Hmm, maybe next week I can talk about my dishcloths!  Ha ha, just kidding. Kinda.


Sinus Sister said...

SO JEALOUS. I've always wanted a Dyson, since seeing the TV ad with the uptight European designer.

Carolee said...

And to think - I was there at the beginning!

Vanessa Z. said...

This post just made my morning -- I HATE vacuuming... that is John's job... but you've just opened me up to a whole new world of intrigue!
Your posts make me laugh... even the ones that "suck." :o)

b said...

I vacuum every day (!!) with my monster Dyson and have thought about getting that one soooo many times. Ours has a small issue (after 6 yrs) and I'm thinking I might have to parlay into a purchase after your rave review...

Jennifer said...

Oh I love vacuuming so much as you know :-) this was a fantastic post. i bought my first bagless vacuum a couple months ago and I really liked it. Vacuuming is the best way to make a messy house feel clean lol!

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