Thursday, 3 November 2011

Halloween, PART 2

Well! Fancy meeting you here! 

If you are wondering why I am still on Halloween, scroll down and read yesterday's post. 
(TL;DR - posting everyday for month of November, need content)

Halloween is second only to Christmas around here so there was a lot of buildup to the actual DAY. 

Stéphane left work early and I prepped a dinner that we could eat really quickly in order to start trick or treating before the cranky hour.

Why yes that IS a sandwich in the shape of a ghost.

I love this photo not only because it showcases my mad skilz at cutting pizza into the shape of a cat, but also because his expression is exactly the same as Liliane's in the above picture. Man, you'd think they were related.

After repeating about eighty gazillion times that we were going out only once it got dark, we almost killed her by taking photos on top of it all. 

This is how Liliane smiles. Don't ask me why arms have to be included. Also, check out Alice who is already working on her "my family is such an embarrassment" expression. 

That's better.

The haul! 

It was actually a really pleasant night to be walking around so we were out for at least an hour this year before even Ariel Ballerina's endless energy started to drag.    

We saw lots of fun houses with really cool decorations and pumpkins and one memorable stop offering shots to the adults. Having watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds lately, we declined. ("our unsub is likely a personable, friendly, otherwise unremarkable middle-aged male who offers free, poisoned alcohol to unsuspecting neighbours"). Ha.

All in all, lots of fun. And that was BEFORE we took our cut of the treats.


auntie b said...

I seriously need me a 4 year old. I was not exaggerating when I outlined our haul yesterday. We split 5 pieces of candy. Ridic!

Vanessa Z. said...

Sweet haul!!! Your girls are so cute -- and I love Alice's embarrassed face.

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