Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sundays in November

Our family loves Christmas and we're big on the Christmas Rules. For example, we bust out the Christmas carols in November, but ONLY on Sundays.

I hear Scroogey people complaining already about holiday music, but I love it. Frankly I am suspicious of people who don't like Christmas music.  Of course it's normal not like SOME or even MOST of it (example - no thanks Justin Bieber!) but these days there is something for everyone out there. What's not to love about music that celebrates peace, happiness and good will towards your fellow man? Even the Grinch likes Christmas music in the end.

ANYWAY today is the first Sunday in November! As an adult, it almost always catches me by surprise. Usually it goes something like: Hey, I can't believe it's already November, my stomach is still sore from all that Halloween candy. And it's all dark and depressing outside already. Sigh. But hey, tomorrow is Sunday and I can listen to Christmas music! (insert husband eyeroll here).

Since it's only one day out of each week you don't wear out your whole Christmas music collection and it breaks up the drear of November with sparkly visions of cozying up by the fire and eating too much shortbread. Can't wait.

My earliest Christmas music memories all revolve around the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Listening to their Christmas album sends me back to the green carpet living room with the fireplace and the big stereo with the record player and the tinsel gumdrop tree at our aunt and uncle's house down the block.


(Unless you are a jerk someone who doesn't like Christmas music or happy memories in which case, why are you still reading this?)


Carolee said...

WOOOOHOOOO!!! Way to keep the torch burning! Today, I'll be listening to some tapes Borghild made off the radio back in the 60's - you know, when it was okay to talk about the real reason for Christmas. Apparently the announcer reminds everyone of Jesus' birth and how important that was. And it was CJOR - a secular station! Thanks for getting the ball rolling with such a beautiful song.

Vanessa Z. said...

LOVE! Carol of the Bells is my favourite Christmas carol of all time... and that video was amazing. I was so happy a few days ago when I went into Oshkosh and they had Christmas music playing... it is time to embrace it. :o)

bari said...

So funny because I put together a Christmas music post along the same lines but was saving it for down the road. your brother is so lucky to have you!

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