Saturday, 26 November 2011

Life's Candy and the Sun's a Ball of Butter*

Last year was the first time the St. Hubert Christmas parade was held at night and we FROZE.  Stéphane had to buy an emergency hat at the drugstore that is about the dorkiest looking piece of headgear you have ever seen. Complete with pom-poms and snowflake motif.

But last night it was practically pleasant.  Perfect standing around on the sidewalk weather.

Of course that didn't stop all the other kids from wearing their warm and cozy tuques. Literally, a sea of children, all wearing appropriate head coverings. 

Except one. I know because I was arguing with Stéphane that she wasn't the ONLY one but I could not find another kid not wearing a hat. For real.

Oh well. At least she had her jacket on.

Daycare pal Yannis joined us for his first parade experience.

Yannis has some smooth moves. Good thing he's so cute.

This one was nice and warm.

Aaaand, then she fell asleep. Alice is big on being consistent.

Manon and Luana also joined us for St. Hubert supper and stayed for the parade.

 It was awesome, as per usual.

This llama was pretty cool. Meant to be a camel? I think it was a three wisemen kinda deal.

This reaction was reserved for...

Smurfs!  Nothing says Christmas like little blue, Belgian comic book characters.

And the big man himself. 

Such a great way to spend Friday night.  Free, fresh air and close enough to walk home. 

Time to get your decorations up people! Get off the computer and get to it!

Also, thank you husband for all the super cool Instagram photos!

*Any other musical nerds out there who caught the reference? Family members excluded - I KNOW you guys know.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Will see you soon and look forward to meeting the new addition and seeing you all again.

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