Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday Favourite: Chocolate+Cheesecake

This is a weird Friday favourite because I tasted these evil little morsels for the first time ever only yesterday.

Oh mini chocolate enrobed cheesecake, I loved you even before I met you.

BUT, a friend of mine went on and on about them (or the Loblaw's version of them) back when I was pregnant and I had to physically stop myself from driving to the store immediately, that's how good they sounded to me.  Hi Tara! This is all your fault!

Since then I have managed to steer clear, not due to amazing willpower on my part (Ha!) but mainly because my IGA didn't carry anything like that.

Until this week. It took me all of about 0.35 seconds to justify buying a box.

Heaven help me, they are spectacular. Something about how the dark chocolate contrasts so perfectly with a scrumptious, rich and creamy inside.  Wow. So good.

Don't you love the use of the word "enrobed"? I think normally these would be called chocolate covered cheesecake bites but for some reason, they stuck with enrobed. Not sure that's even a word in English. But what's even funnier is that enrobé is also a way to describe someone carrying a little extra weight. Like: elle est un peu plus enrobée depuis la naissance de sa fille en juillet. 

Maybe they did that on purpose, as a warning. Because if you eat just three of these babies it'll cost you 240 calories and 16 grams of fat. Ouch.

Full disclosure: I just ate two while writing this. HELP.

Something else that I find funny on the box is the "How to Prepare" section.  Remove from box and defrost in the refrigerator for 25 to 30 minutes. WHAT!?  Take it from me, eat them directly from the box, making sure you clean the chocolate smears off the baby before your husband gets home.

Oh, and if you think you can try them by dropping in to visit me, think again. The rest of this box will be gone before you can say Weight Watchers. And they shall never darken my freezer doorway again.

Happy Friday everybody! Tonight we'll be at the Santa Claus parade (that L keeps bizarrely calling the Santa Claus barrette) so fair warning, tomorrow's post will be all about freezing our behinds off, waiting for Père Noël.

Better bulk up with some more cheesecake bites.


Vanessa Z. said...

YUMM!!! Superstore has these guys here... and at Christmas they put little bits of candy cane on the top of them and they take me right over the edge. Yumm.

Carolee said...

So...are you wanting me to stop by Superstore on the way home in preparation for your visit?? (thanks for the info, Vanessa - thank goodness I don't like cheesecake)

And, I will add that enrobed is a chocolatier term that was in frequent use when I worked at Brussels, mostly as fahncy marketing language...

Theresa said...

Nooooo!! Bits of candy cane, that sounds DE - NO! No thank you. NO NO NO. (yes please)

Good to know that enrobed is actual term and not just a lousy translation!

Jennifer said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I know those!! I have a friend named Tara who introduced me to them. And until today I had forgotten about them. Thank you for the inspiration to get showered and dressed and go to superstore...

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