Monday, 28 November 2011

Decorama, Etc.

I normally wouldn't put up the decorations (let alone the tree) this early but we're having a big family Christmas gathering here next Saturday (IN LESS THAN A WEEK PLEASE SEND HELP) so we did what we had to do. 

We even did the tree.  Just our little fake one since we'll be away for most of the season.  I confess to banishing Liliane to her room for some "quiet time" (a.k.a. MAMAN NEEDS TO BE ALONE) while I put on the ornaments.  I left some of the wooden ones for her and we did tinsel together.  You heard me, TINSEL.  Old school, that's how we roll.

In sleep news, Alice is pretty much back her to peaceful, long nights. Naptime is now about 15 minutes of protest before she gives up and finally drops off. 

FINE. You win.
She's starting to get a little unhappy before she falls asleep at night but we've found a kind of cuddle/rock/put-in-her-bed-drowsy combo that seems to work for everyone.


That's the thing about parenting, just when you think you've got something figured out BAM! We are no longer amused. Please to figure out a new strategy.

I have a pretty huge TO DO list this week including trying to fix our horrible, horrible chandelier in the dining room. I say chandelier as if it's all fancy, but it's not. It could actually double as a heat lamp if you ever wanted to come over and burn the top of your head while sitting at our table.

Today I have to find a replacement ceramic thingy because as you can see, one of the lights only has half of one. I also managed to cut the wires in another one as I was fiddling around with the malicious frosted glass cover trying to make it please for the love of heaven stop falling off and dangling dangerously over our already-burning heads.

I don't know much about electricity and design and whatnot, but I'm guessing that you shouldn't want to hurl your fixture out the window every time you have to change a bulb.  Amirite?

Anyway, can you tell that my universe has gotten a little, um, small?

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