Thursday, 27 March 2008

UPDATE: No Train

As I was typing my last post, I got a call from Amtrak informing me that the train would not be running tomorrow as planned so they arranged for us to take a BUS from Montréal to Albany then the train from Albany to NYC. No one could really tell me how long the bus ride would be but they figured around 8 hours since that's how long the train takes. EIGHT HOURS. ON A BUS. WITH A BABY. No thanks! I booked us the last Communauto available in the whole city of Montréal and got a full refund from Amtrak. So we're driving! I also just signed us up for a CAA membership and will hopefully be moving Liliane up to a bigger carseat since I just measured her and she is 29 inches. Yes, 29 inches. Her baby carseat is only good to 26 inches. Ooops. Now I won't even get shortlisted for the Mother of the Year award.

Anyway, we're pretty excited to be driving actually because it will take less time and we can stop when we want, plus we get to listen to cool music and bring more stuff than we would otherwise.
Lots of pictures to come next week!

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