Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter Lili

Since there is wet snow falling outside and deep slush adorning the streets of Montréal like the aftermath of a great big slurpee fight, you'll forgive me if I find it hard to believe that it's Easter weekend. In an attempt to make myself believe that spring is actually coming (here today actually!), I bought myself an Easter lily last week - one of my favorite kinds of lilies because of their scent. It brings me back to my Grandma's Easter buns, new girlie dresses and the green carpet in the house where we grew up everytime I breathe it in.

Lilies are actually my favorite flowers (with roses coming in at a close second but not red roses and especially not red roses with babies breath or actually anything with babies breath. Although now that I have a baby, I might have to re-evaulate that statement) which is another reason for my daughter's name. It seemed only natural to take a few pictures of her discovering the joy of yanking the leaves off my plant. Happy Easter.

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1 comment:

mom said...

"Easter Lili" - I love it!!
Takes you back to the green carpet?! Hmm...I would have hoped for something a little more festive but, okay...

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