Monday, 17 March 2008

Five Months Old!

Liliane is now five months old! I know I say this every month, but it is so hard to believe. It's gone by so fast and yet it feels like we've been doing this for a very long time. I'm thankful every day for our healthy little bruiser! We celebrated by having a busy weekend hanging out with friends and family...

Saturday morning was reading time with Papa while I went outside for the first time in what felt like weeks (probably only a day or two) to do a few errands:

Saturday afternoon our friends Deb and Doug came in from Ottawa to finally meet Liliane. We spent the rest of the day with them and completely enjoyed their company. Liliane was happy as always to have visitors:

Deb and I have been friends since junior high school so it's such a treat for me that she lives only a couple of hours away. We always feel a little less homesick for the West Coast when we get together to pine for the ocean, the mountains, Triple-O cheeseburgers from White Spot and springtime in March. REAL springtime. Like with blossoms and green grass and flowers and everything. Not the Eastern so-called spring of slushy streetcorners, melting dog poop and snowbanks.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning, then headed out to my sister-in-law's house where Liliane spent the afternoon while Stéphane and I went to see "Be Kind Rewind." I forgot the camera so I don't have any photos but imagine a very happy (and apparently well-behaved) baby and my very sweet brother and sister in law (already featured on this blog) taking very good care of Liliane AND also making us a delicious dinner. Once again, so spoiled!

When we got home, we took a couple of photos for posterity:

She was a very giggly baby last night so we took this video as well:

Who knew that having a baby could be this much fun!

It's a beautiful day here in Montréal so once sleeping beauty wakes up, we'll head out to do a couple of errands. Or I'll just stay home and take more pictures of her. I have a concept for her room that I finally came up with this morning... I want to buy 12 identical white frames (à la Ikea) where I can put a black and white portrait of Liliane every month. (Or thereabouts). Might be nice, right? I have at least one per month so far that is frame-worthy.

No news of the squirrel living upstairs, although I did see four of them frolicking in the trees outside AND they left their little prints on our back balcony.

That's about it for today! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting all day for a new entry in your blog! Not just because I'm in it either. We had a great time and Liliane is as sweet and entertaining as she looks. She is definately the happiest baby I have ever met.

I think the 12 frames idea is great, although I am a little concerned about your picture taking madness. While I understand your obsession, I fear there may come a day when you suggest buying 365 frames...there will be an intervention if that happens!


mom said...

SO ADORABLE!!! So giggly and squeezable! And it was really nice to see Deb, too. Glad your visit went well.

mom said...

...and I like the 12 frame idea, too!

auntie b said...

so funny you said that - i came across this today

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