Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tummy Time + Vaccuum?

I took these yesterday during tummy time. Forgive the cutesy term, but you are supposed to play with your baby for at least a few minutes every day like this to help them build up their wee upper body muscles. Liliane doesn't really enjoy it so I've been slacking off a little, but she was actually having fun yesterday and I just so happened to have the camera handy...

So adorable, I can hardly stand it.

I took these this morning of Liliane with her new blanket that my friend Deb's Mom made for her. Thank you Nora! She loves it!
She loves sticking her chubby little fingers through the holes.
So since I have decided to take back the housecleaning for the next little while, I need to buy a new vaccuum cleaner. I have a hand-me-down that dates probably from the sixties and it just doesn't do the job anymore. Our apartment has all vinyl tile floors (classy I know but we're renters) and I have a total of two rugs in the whole place. I am a little obsessed with keeping the two rugs free of all the crap that accumulates - my hair, dust, lint, more of my hair, etc. But I need a vaccuum that works also on the vinyl floor since all that aforementioned crap junks up the floor as well. I like the idea of stand-up vaccuum for storage, but I need something that can get into corners and behind the toilet, too. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated since I've never owned a new vaccuum. I know you are out there, fellow carpet obsessed people/family members... you know who you are!
Big news: our side of the street was finally cleared of snow last night! Only 9 days after the big storm. I did take Liliane out yesterday in the carrier and it was such a joy to be outside and breathe in all that fresh air and soak up all that vitamin D. What a treat. Today we'll take the stroller out! Who said that being a stay-at-home Mom isn't exciting??


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Jennifer said...

Tummy time on the edge of the couch is a sure fire way to get her to roll over! Good thinking!!
Funny you ask about vaccuums our tristar is great but maybe a little pricey for 2 rugs??

Anonymous said...

I have a dirt devil that was around $100 and it worked OK...I liked that you could lower the brushes and vaccuum the hard word floors too and that the hose easily pulled out for doing edges of the rooms etc, it was great for catching dust bunnies!


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