Thursday, 27 March 2008

Inching her way to freedom + Baby Rose

Took this photo à matin. Since I won't be posting for a few days, I'll put a bunch of baby photos up to tide y'all over until we get back from our trip. Yes indeed, tomorrow our little family is getting on a train and heading down to New York City for the weekend. Crazy to take a 5-month old on an eleven hour train ride? We figure it can't be worse than taking a 2-month old on a five hour plane ride, plus it has an adventurous ring to it, don't you think? Riding the rails down to the Big Apple, yippee ki-yay, etc.
Naturally I have a few projects that I'm trying to finish before we go. My plan is to bring our own snacks so I want to make some oatmeal raisin cookies. This is as far as I've gotten:
The laundry is almost done (in the dryer), the packing is sort of started (the suitcase is out and random items are piled on top of it) but most importantly we have our passports all ready and we have U.S. cash! Heck, have cash, will travel. Especially to NYC where you can buy your way out of almost any clothing/supply emergency. Anyway, whatever happens, we'll be hopping into a taxi at 8 tomorrow morning to get to the train station for our 9:30 departure. I'm hoping to have lots of great photos and stories to post when we get back.
In other news, Liliane has discovered that she can scoot around on her back, inchworm style. I tried to capture her in motion a few minutes ago...
This is her starting position:
Then she bends her knees...

And arches her back...
And pushes herself along the floor like so:
Maybe one day she'll figure out how to do this on her tummy but for now, my baby's mobile!
Last week I got to spend a day with my friends Julie and Joyce and their new baby girl, Miss Rose Victoria Boro-Norman who was born on March 7th. I was not with the program and hardly took any pictures, but Julie kindly sent me these:
She is an adorable little bundle and her parents are completely in love with her. Our first of many playdates!
Otherwise, my latest fixation is daycare. Liliane has been on waiting lists since even before she was born, but since it's government subsidized (only $7/day), it's very, very popular and hard to get into. I get a little panicky when I think about it too much, but I'll just keep doing the follow-ups and we'll keep our fingers crossed. I go back to work in September but I feel like time is going to fly by until then!
I'm off to cross a few items off my To Do list before Stéphane gets home. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Jennifer said...

I'll pay you $7 a day if I can be her daycare provider :)

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