Thursday, 13 March 2008

My Baby the Bruiser

I took this picture last night in an attempt to convince myself that my daughter enjoys sitting up (she doesn't). She can't turn over by herself yet either, although she is almost there. That's what we're telling ourselves anyway. My sister the baby guru assures me that Liliane doesn't have some kind of spinal cord problem or muscle coordination issue, she's just a little behind on this particular milestone. As a new parent, it's hard not to panic about these things, (this is why I only have one baby book of the "What to Expect" ilk) but then I console myself with some of the things she CAN do. For instance, her comedic timing is clearly advanced for her age. Oh yes, how many almost five-month old babies can crack themselves (and their parents) up simply by farting? You heard me, she erupted (excuse my verb choice) in serious giggles the other night when, as she was standing up on my lap, she let loose a big ol' juicy one. Maybe it was the look of surprise on her parents' faces that did it (ie - was that you or the baby??), but man, did she think that was hilarious. We naturally encouraged this behaviour by nearly peeing our pants laughing. Hey, you gotta be thankful for whatever talent your kid shows, right?

Anyway, in looking at these pictures, it's becoming clear that our baby girl can't really be considered an infant anymore. What's worse is that I checked her carseat last night and she can only use it up to 20 pounds. Heck, at the rate she's going, we'll have to move up to a new car seat next week.

This Papa doing his Donald Duck impression for a captive audience...

I had this thought the other day... If babies could all go out clubbing together, Liliane could be the bouncer. "Hey, can I see some ID please?" "How many in your group?" "Are you old enough for formula? Get outta here kid, go home to your mother"etc, etc.

Oh well, daintiness is overrated as far as I'm concerned.

Now to completely change the subject... I've been meaning to do this for AGES since people are always asking who Liliane looks more like - me or Stéphane. Since I'm trapped inside again today (thank you city of Montréal!) why not make this an extra long post?

The truth is that when she was first born, she was a carbon copy of Stéphane was he was a baby. Check out these photos:

Now here I am at that age:

Really not the same.

But, as she's getting older she is starting to look more like me:

I don't know how old I am here either (if either of my parents want to leave a comment about this, please feel free!) but I know that I've got much lighter hair under my hat than when I was born and I think Liliane sort of has my eyes. Except hopefully hers work a lot better than mine.

Here is Stéphane a little older:

She gets her nose from him I would say. So far anyway. These days she's a pretty even mix of both of us I guess.
That's it for today! Off to eat a little lunch, do a little baking and eventually change out of my pajamas... I did end up going to the store last night and it was treacherous enough to convince me to not even try to take Liliane out today either. Luckily, there's another movie with talking animals on TV! I'm learning to be grateful for the little things :)


auntie b said...

That first picture is awesome!! Ok all the pictures are awesome! I cant wait to see her already. Its soooo soon. (best bday present ever) She is really looking so adorable these days. I think poor dear might need a little photo coaching one day, she's already rockin the famous Piercy chin pull ;)

Jennifer said...

Love, love, love the cheeks!! She is so adorable!! But seriously enough growing now :(

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