Sunday, 29 June 2008

Finding the Lost Fingers

Friday Stéphane was off work so we decided to go to the Jazz Festival and catch a free show by our new favourite band, the Lost Fingers. I know Montreal is famous for the Jazz Fest but ironically I haven't spent a lot of time down there in all the ten years I've lived here... Not sure why exactly. Anyway, bringing Liliane to her first live show seemed like a good idea so we hopped on the metro and headed downtown.

This is where the show took place - and it was AIR CONDITIONED in there. Bonus!

Super fun atmosphere inside, comfy seats, room to fit the stroller underneath!

We ran into our friend Brigitte and her daughter Capucine so we conveniently slid into the booth beside them... Good thing too because we were an hour early and it was getting packed in there already.

You can't really tell from this photo, but Liliane really dug the whole scene. We listen to their CD a lot at home so she was kicking her feet and going all crazy along with the rest of us.

And here they are:

They play 80s music in their own special style. It's ridiculously fun and yet sad when you realize that you know all the words...

Once that was done, we walked around the site:

While Liliane napped.

We stopped for coffee, natch:

And I took this artsy pic of the Modern Art Museum.

Yep, there were lots and lots of people, but it wasn't claustrophobic or anything.

Afterwards we were feeling ambitious so we went out for dinner. It was the first time we actually ordered something for Liliane! We made such a huge mess, a picture was in order:

You can't really see the floor, but believe me, it's gross.

Aww, cute.
Reminds me of this one we took in L.A. last year... BEFORE we were parents. Look how well-rested we are!

And that was our Jazz Festival experience! We had a really great time and if it wasn't so dang hot and muggy around here, we would even think about going again before it's all over next week.
It's already Sunday night and I can't believe how fast the weekend has flown by. On Saturday the good times continued when Stéphane and I went to see Get Smart while Liliane hung out with my SIL Danielle and my BIL André. They were so sweet to not only babysit for a few hours but then to also feed us an excellent dinner. Get Smart is hilarious by the way. I was still laughing today about the retard thing (sorry, not politically correct but I nearly peed my pants) and Anne Hathaway IS gorgeous. Worth seeing in theatres.
We also made a couple of trips to that black hole of credit card debt also known as Wal-Mart. Is it mandatory to spend $100 every time you step in the door? You would think so by going over my Visa bill... I finally got Liliane a portable booster seat/high chair that we can take with us when we go places AND will hopefully replace our high chair. Our kitchen is just too dadgummed small (to quote Pioneer Woman - love her!) for another piece of furniture. I can only stub my toe so many times before I have to spend more money.
Oh yeah, speaking of spending, we also got this excellent MEC backpack baby carrier! I know that we could have found a used one but Stéphane and I suffer from lack of patience combined with a minor intolerance for other people's cooties I mean stuff. You know what I mean? It would be OK if someone we know offered us something used, but otherwise, we're not into it.
Tomorrow Stéphane is back at work but he's off on Tuesday for Canada Day. As I have already mentioned, we are going out to visit Eric and Tina on Tuesday to finally show them their wedding video. I'll let y'all know how that goes.


Jennifer said...

Speaking of gorgeous you look so great in these pictures!! Not that you don't usually, little miss photogenic, but your eyes are open and everything. Can't wait to tell you how great you look in person!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun Montreal day! I'm jealous. The three of you look great.


Anonymous said...
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