Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Makin' A Splash

Happy Canada Day!

We took advantage of the beautiful weather (i.e. - not cloudy or muggy and nary a thunderstorm in sight) to bring Liliane to the wading pool at the park across the street. Her first dip! As with all of her firsts, we felt obliged to commemorate the occasion by taking a gazillion photos...

It was totally fun chillin' with all the other Mamas and kids and the the water is very refreshing! The pool is open every day from 10:30 to 4:30 so I can see a trip to the pataugeoire becoming a daily activity... THIS is the fun part of being a stay-at-home Mom!
Today was also the day that we went to visit our friends Eric and Tina to finally show them their wedding video. If I haven't bored y'all to death with this already, let me remind you of a few salient facts:
-Eric and Tina got married in California in May of 2007 (LAST YEAR).
-Stéphane and I took a holiday to California, attended the wedding, had a blast.
-Eric made OUR wedding video (which is amazing) so we naturally promised to do the same for him - we just couldn't tell him WHEN they might see it since I was pregnant and all...
-TODAY, July 1, 2008, Eric and Tina screened their wedding video and this was their reaction:
Two thumbs up!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if you make the people wait long enough for something, they HAVE to like it. Or their standards are certainly lower. Or something like that. Anyway, it was a hit and I had the immense joy of crossing that particular item off my big list. Phewf.
Besides watching the video, we were treated to a delicious feast that Tina cooked for us and we used Liliane's portable booster/high chair for the first time. I LOVE it! I'm already scheming to get rid of the cumbersome (albeit lovely) highchair currently taking up precious space in my kitchen...
Speaking of precious... how cute is my daughter in these photos?

Stéphane was the champion photog of the day which is why you don't see his handsome face in any of these pictures... Merci beaucoup mon amour! I did get him in this one:
But that was it.
Today I also managed to snag myself some new earrings! Tina makes jewelry (as if there weren't enough reasons to love her) and you can see all her designs for yourself on her blog. I had spotted these yummy little dragonflies a while ago and she surprised me with them as a gift! Happy early birthday to me...

I was also coveting these vintage lilies, so I bought them for myself. Sorry future Etsy customers! Go to her site and git yer own while you can!
Tina cooks, Eric cleans. A classic combination.
Liliane had a great time and was a superstar despite a spotty nap record today.
I am only posting this photo because it is flattering of me. I'm not kidding people, I take what I can get these days. Plus Liliane is cute.

And that was our day! It's sweltering hot here in front of the computer so I will be retiring shortly to the air conditioned coolness of the bedroom. Tomorrow is our first day of camp so here's hoping that we meet some fun people! I'll keep you posted.


auntie b said...

I think you BOTH look super cute in those photos and your blog made me laugh out loud 4 times today. I think I'll have to go read it again! Then, maybe...errr. post something on ours?

Adorn Me jewelry said...

My goodness, you are quick!!

I sent you an email just now, with some more photos in them.

You say you'll take what you can get these days, photo-wise, but I'm not sure you realize how beautiful you are, just naturally.

The earrings look like they were made for you -- when Sandi, our minister, saw a photo of them, she mentioned you and remembered you like dragonflies. So glad you like both pair, T. :)

The video was just perfect, and would be even if it hadn't been a year. We adore it and will be watching it again soon. :)

Looks like you had great fun in the pool today with your little water baby. Hope to see you all again soon, and thank you both for the best wedding video I ever could have imagined.

Jennifer said...

That little pool is going to be your best friend these next few summers! For some reason that first picture reminds me of Roman baths?

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