Thursday, 24 July 2008

Why I Love Our Friends

Because they invite us over for dinner! Jean-Michel and Laurence had us over last Saturday for delicious BBQ on their lovely deck. We sat outside until a surprise downpour drove us in but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. As always we ate well, we drank well (new favourite rosé - Billette from Provence. Yum!) and the company was divine. I've said it before, longtime friends are truly special. What a treat!

Our hosts and proud homeowners:

Yes those are popcorn twists. Judge me if you will, but only if you've been through baby teething and barfing and have another more clever and nutritious trick up your sleeve that would keep her happy. And if you do, please EMAIL IT TO ME. If it involves icy washclothes and/or ice-cubes and/or anything that is made to help babies with teething, don't bother. Been there, tried that.

See that face? Now shush.

Did I mention that the Baby Guru told me about these? And, as she says, she hasn't broken any of her kids yet so not to worry :)

Speaking of longtime friends, yesterday I went up to visit Colleen at her two girls Emilie and Mikayla at the cottage just outside of town where they are holidaying all this month. I happen to also be tight with the person from whom they rented the place and have been there on other occasions so it was all very friendly and familiar.

With Kona, Colleen's biggest baby :)

Montreal weather has been grey grey grey all week and yesterday was no exception. That didn't stop us from heading down to the lake for the afternoon! And actually it made for kind of cool pictures.

The path to the dock.

My stark white daughter against a trio of lovely, bronzed ladies. These are the only pictures I have with Emilie (the older daughter) in it. She was there, just BEHIND the camera.

Emilie took all of these as I frolicked in the water with Mikayla...

MoTHUR! This thing doesn't go with my bathing suit!
Mikayla of the super flexible limbs...

Emilie took many many more photos, some of which unfortunately displayed a little too much of my current bathing suit body. Sorry people, I'm all for keepin' it real and everything, but a girl has to have a little pride. Besides, seeing too much of myself like that drives me right to the two-bite brownies. For the love of losing baby weight, please, no more photos!


Jennifer said...

Looks so fun!! Glad the ouking has stopped :) Call me tonight after babt bedtime

mom said...

She looks so grown up sitting on her towel on the dock! And that last picture of her is YOU all over at that age. Glad you could have some out-of-town fun AND skip cooking dinner one night!

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