Saturday, 26 July 2008

Places to Go!

After approximately 800 people predicted that she'll be crawling "any minute," Liliane finally coordinated her limbs enough to actually GET SOMEWHERE without smacking her head on the floor in frustration... Her real first crawl was about two days ago, but she was at it again this morning and the Flip was handy so this will have to do:

In reviewing the clip, I wish I could say that my bad framing serves some kind of artistic purpose (it doesn't) and that I thought she actually covered more distance... Oh well, you get the idea. Plus don't miss the bonus demonstration of her clapping skills at the end!

Last night I went out for dinner with two of my girlfriends to celebrate Paola's birthday. It was a beautiful evening and we sat on the terrace of this restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Nothing like French cuisine to inspire one to indulge. Except maybe Italian. Or anything that I haven't cooked myself.

Note that while I took a picture of my arugula starter, my bavette with scalloped potatoes and creme brulée dessert didn't get the same treatment... You'll have to take my word for it, everything was delicious.

My dining companions:

I confess to getting my hair cut again yesterday - I could never get it to look like that on my own. Although now that I own a straightener, I might achieve good hair more than once a month. We'll see...

Paola is not actually threatening to bludgeon me in this picture, she is in fact modelling part of my gift to her: a pink polka-dotted hammer/screwdriver combo.

I can't say that she won't threaten others with it once she gets it back to the office... You have been warned Galafilmers!

Liliane is finally waking up from her almost two hour nap. Stéphane, not so much. Another muggy and stormy day around here, good for dozing close to the air conditioner. I think after lunch we'll head over to the wading pool and perhaps to hear some live music at the Francofolies later on if we're feeling really ambitious.
Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!


mom said...

Yay, Liliane - good job!! *clap, clap* Looks like a nice night out with the girlies. That salad is making my mouth water...

Jennifer said...

High five baby!! Is it just me or does she seem to be toying with you? She probably walks when you aren't watching ;)

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Very serious business, that, but she did it, the cutie pie. :)

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