Saturday, 5 July 2008

Roadtrip to Suburbia, Take 2.

Last night we hopped into a Communauto and headed off to the wilds of suburbia... again. We went back to Repentigny (where Eric and Tina live), this time to hang out with Stéphane's work colleagues. After being stuck in traffic for an eternity, we finally got there and cooled off in a lovely, grassy backyard with a pool and free-flowing Cosmos.

Liliane worked the crowd as per usual... Here she is with Katia:

There were other kids there including Karine's baby Camille who is just two months younger than Liliane. She finally spots the baby:

Our hostess Izabelle and her husband Danny have three adorable rugrats and they were very sweet and solicitous towards their tiny guests:

Sitting on real grass is a pretty big treat for us city folk so we plunked Liliane down so she could get the full suburban experience!

We (meaning I) gave her one of those marshmallow filled faux ice cream cones and she made short, sticky work of it! (Sorry about your shirt Stéphane).

We forgot to charge the Cybershot battery so that's all we got.

We made it back to civilization for bedtime and had another restful night. Just a question: wouldn't it just be better if ALL the teeth came in at once? You'd have one heck of a nasty week, but then it would be over, no? All this full-night sleeping is making me soft!

A gorgeous day in Montréal today - warm and sunny and breezy. We already spent some time this morning at the wading pool and have errands on the agenda this afternoon. Plus I have to start packing. I really want to pack LIGHT on this trip to B.C. so that takes some discipline and organizing on my part. I can do it. I think. Yes, I can. Maybe. We'll see.

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Jennifer said...

You gave her WHAT!! She got sticky!!! Wow theresa I'm impressed :)

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