Monday, 7 July 2008

The Sunday Paper

On the weekends Stéphane and I have a morning routine: we read our respective newspapers (Mtl Gazette for me, La Presse for him) while leisurely sipping coffee, eating breakfast, chatting (more him than me, not so much of a morning talker), whatever. Since the arrival of our kinda pushy new roommate, we have been able to keep up the tradition, with a few adjustments...

Liliane's new favourite challenge is to grab whatever she can off the table from her highchair, and her most tempting target is the corners of our newspapers. We were feeling indulgent yesterday morning (read: we were sleepy) so we gave up trying to distract her with other things and went with it.

Finally I can check the market!

*Bad Parenting Alert* - we didn't let her suck on the newsprint. For too long.

*Bad Parenting Alert #2* note the ink all over our child and her highchair. And oops, the toast she is now eating. What I didn't snap is Liliane's next stop which was the BATHTUB. Mother of the Year down the drain once again!

She had such a good time flapping the newspaper all over the place and ripping it up. Again I ask: why bother buying toys at all?

It's Monday and my goal today is to finish packing BECAUSE WE LEAVE TOMORROW. Crap. I started pulling things out for both Liliane and I and the pile is already way too big. I'll wait for Stéphane to get home tonight to slap some sense into my packing-handicapped brain. You would think for someone who has done a fair bit of travelling in my life thus far that I would have the whole "what to bring" thing figured out, but no. Alas I do not.

To add to the fun, as I type this, sweaty workers are completely replacing our front door. I say sweaty because it's supposed to be 31 degrees today so it's probably up to at least 28 by now. Our landlord let us know that it was happening today but I didn't realize how much dust such a job would generate. Or noise. Good morning baby! Our entire front inside stairway is coated with a fine film of who knows what. We rescued the stroller and some pairs of shoes that were innocently caught in the storm but there is nothing like dust to really irritate a person on a hot day. Especially when you didn't think to take your stuff out of the hallway the night before... We need to buy our own place. And how.

Not sure how much posting I will do for the next two weeks - I'll try to stay in touch while we're away, if for no other reason to keep Stéphane up to date on all the good times. He is already worried that Liliane will forget who he is in 10 days. This video is an example of how much fun those two have pretty much EVERY DAY so I'm thinking after a week and a half with only the food/sleep/chores/comfort lady (a.k.a. Maman) and her B.C. family to distract her, she'll be happy to get back to the man who can crack her up like nobody's business. As will I. :)

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Annabelle said...

Packing with a baby is HELL... that is how motherhood works, we bring too much 'just in case'' (only for baby, of course as we forget half the stuff for us)! Don't worry Theresa, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
Have a great trip West!

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