Tuesday, 3 June 2008

My New Obsession + How We Will Embarass Liliane When She's a Teenager

It's official. My new favourite pastime has changed from watching my daughter fall asleep to watching her eat. Man, it is FUN. In an effort to share the joy of this activity, I have created a HILARIOUS photo montage of how she eats Cheerios, snack of champion babies everywhere.

Warning: many, many photos of Liliane doing the same thing over and over with "clever" captions ahead. Writer is aware that this appeals to a limited audience but just can't help herself...

Are we ready to begin?

I SAID, are we ready to begin?

Well OK then!

Let's warm up with a rice cracker.


I can tell when you're making fun of me you know.

Before we get to the Cheerios, let us take a moment to sing an aria or two:

Back to business. To successfully eat a Cheerio, the first step is to choose your target:

Take a quick break to ride your invisible motorcyle.

Now place the Cheerio in your mouth.

Then celebrate!

I said celebrate.

Are you sure you got it?
OK, one more time for all you preemies out there:
1. Choose your Cheerio
2. Put the Cheerio in your mouth.
3. Celebrate!
Her other new skill is making that clicking/clucking sound with your tongue that is so annoying in older children. You know the one I mean? She discovered it the other day and it's now part of her regular "vocabulary" along with drooling and "Bababababa" and "Mmmmmm", etc.

And this my friends is the single most ridiculous photo I have taken of my child thus far. This is what we will threaten to show to all her friends on Facebook when she is an unruly 13-year old:

It's a baby Viking face! (Thomassen family joke - if I can get my hands on a picture of my grandfather making the famous Viking face, I'll post them together so you can see what I mean.)
And there you have it. I could never have known how Cheerios would come to play such an important role in my life, but parenting is just non-stop surprises!


mom said...


PS such a picture DOES exist...

Anonymous said...

I love this!!! That Liliane is quite a character...not surprising considering her parents. I can't wait to see the Cherrio show live. So fun.


Jennifer said...

What a clever girl!!

Jaime said...

The pictures of Liliane eating her cheerios are adorable, and hilarious!

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