Thursday, 26 June 2008

Happy National Beer Drinking I mean St. Jean Baptiste Day!

Sorry for being so slack on the blogging, it's just that a girl can only stand so much humidity before she goes a little crazy. Plus, my other baby, our Canon Rebel camera, had an issue or two and was away in the shop and while I love our new replacement baby the Cybershot, no one can replace the Rebel. She's back to us now, good as new and my photog instincts are back in place...

The good news is that we finished the wedding video! A feat I never thought we would live to accomplish, but we did. And we're still married. Eric and Tina will finally get to see it when we go out to visit them July 1st. If you don't see me blogging shortly thereafter, assume that it didn't go over well... Ha ha. They are going to love it. They waited more than a year to see it, they HAVE to love it.

Back to baby... Tuesday was Liliane's first St. Jean Baptist Day! This is Quebec's provincial holiday (naturally celebrated in JUNE while the rest of the country celebrates in AUGUST) and kicks off the summer season around here. Stéphane, as some of you may know, is a proud countryman and bought a flag for the car. Thanks to his separatist tendencies, he will also be flying it proudly on Canada Day.

We drove out to visit my in-laws at their campsite about 45 minutes from Montréal. Also Liliane's first trip to the country! They have a super comfortable set up out there - more like a big outdoor living room than a campsite.

This face says "I'm hot. If I knew what a popsicle was, I would ask for one."

We compensated for our photo-less (or almost) last two weeks by taking about 500 photos of our afternoon. I am sharing the highlights only so you can imagine.
Note Liliane's bathing suit. We got her all ready to go to the pool but it was closed over the dinner hour. We thought we would go back at 6:30 when it opened but it was a little too chilly by then. Oh well. She went on the swings instead.
And played on some real grass which is a big deal for us city folk...

Stéphane's artsy flare. Nice.

I have a dream...

After a delicious BBQ dinner, we wound up our visit by the campfire. Our daughter is literally like a moth to the candle flame when it comes to anything that lights up so she was totally captivated by the fire. A wee pyromaniac in the making??
Please don't interrupt me, I'm watching the fire.

We didn't make it to the St. Jean parade like we hoped we would, but we definitely will next year. Got home in time for most of the bedtime routine and Liliane drifted off to sleep surely dreaming of setting the house on fire. Or eating roasted marshmallows and getting them in her hair. Or cupcakes. Who knows.


Jennifer said...

Looks like fun!! Thanks for updating sis! I was beginning to go through withdrawl :)

mom said...

Awww, her first road trip! She's changing so quickly - not sure I'll be able to recognize her when you get here! Glad you had a nice day 'roughing it'.

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