Monday, 16 June 2008

Eight Months Old + Father's Day

Eight months old today.

I will forgo my usual "I can't believe she's already 8 months old" spiel, and simply post this blast from the past:

You've come a long way, baby!
Yesterday was Stéphane's very first Father's Day. Liliane got him a card and a gift or two:

We had croissants for breakfast (oh, big surprise, baby likes butter), packed a picnic supper and headed off to the park at Ile Bizard for some fun:

Her first dip! We just put our toes in.

Um, this is NOT linoleum.

My daughter and I with our matching pirate squints:
Papa got the whole thing on camera and Liliane loves almost nothing better than seeing herself in action:

There have been thunderstorm warnings almost every day around here for the last week or two and wouldn't you know it, we actually had one out there at Ile Bizard. Just as we were sitting down to our picnic dinner, the sky opened and we ran for cover in the (luckily) nearby welcome centre.

And that was our big day on Sunday.

On Saturday Liliane and I went to my friend Isabelle's baby shower. She got all dressed up for her first girlie event:
Isabelle's diaper cake gift. No more pregnant friends that I know of so this is the last one for a while.
A quiet week ahead to get ready for another busy weekend. Starting to figure out what I want to accomplish during my last three months (gulp) of mat leave. OK, I won't think about that now, it's all going by so fast... Happy Monday y'all.


mom said...

Aha - another smor buk added to the family!
Looks like you had a great Father's day, rain and all. Cute pic's and excellent writing, as always!

Jennifer said...

Nice! Too bad about the rain but looks like you had some fun anyway!
I tagged you on my blog. If you don't do it no more baby advice ;)

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