Monday, 2 June 2008

Rest of our Visit

After my mammoth post about the baptism, I took a few days off to regroup... Plus we spent the entire weekend working on Eric and Tina's wedding video which is woefully behind schedule. We ALMOST finished it but in the interest of staying married, (crappy weather+sitting in front of a computer for hours on end+PMS = lack of harmony) we sort of took last night off and finally watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. And we're still together.

So to catch up, here are some photos of our big family weekend. Matthew and Bari drove up on Friday and we spent Saturday pretty much hanging around here and playing ROCK BAND!

Oh yeah, Jennifer and I got pedicures on Friday and Jen got a tattoo!

Isn't it pretty? Her daughter's name is Calleigh and she was born the same year as Liliane (in April) so she wanted to get Calla lilies. Isn't that sweet? We went to this place and Jennifer was really happy with Rachel, her tattoo artist. I have to say that it's even lovelier in person.

Our pedicures were a great success as you can see here:

Jen has a total aversion to anyone touching her feet so she hasn't had a pedicure in ages. She got through it okay, we passed Liliane back and forth between us to keep us distracted. Although I LOVE a good pedicure, there are always moments that make my eyes water, usually when they bring out the cuticle cutters... All in all we were happy with the result!

This is a picture of Jen behind her book - I forgot that my sister was such a bookworm! Since she was on holiday and actually had time to read, she couldn't put this one down.

On Monday we stopped in to visit baby Rosie and say hello to Julie's parents who were visiting from England. The babies had more interaction this time compared to our last play date... Basically Liliane got super excited and Rose was a little baffled although she did get a smile out! I can't wait to see them in a couple of months.

Holy cow, another baby!

It's OK, we'll catch up next time.

Jen headed back to B.C. on Tuesday morning and then it was all over. Sigh.

Before she left, she did give us some homework: keep up the 10PM bedtime (so far, so good) and let her play independently, sitting on the floor more often (we're trying).

I took these Tuesday morning of Liliane with one of her new toys. OK so she's not on the floor but she is sitting up!

I hear my sleepy baby starting to wake up now (hello 3-hour naptime!) so it's time for lunch and groceries. Got a new stroller also - super light, super compact with a SHOULDER STRAP. Life is just getting easier and easier around here!

Also big news - LILIANE'S FIRST TOOTH IS COMING IN! I noticed it either on the morning on the baptism or sometime on that weekend and Jen was here to confirm. It's been growing steadily and I can even see it now! Super exciting.

Big goals this week? Set an appointment with my trainer at the gym and figure out child care so I can actually DO IT. Plus I need to figure out the libraries around here. Since Liliane has an actual bedtime now, I have time to read! More on that as I explore. Also, we want to get a CD player for Liliane's room - she's crazy for music and it really helps her at naptime and maybe also at her semi-frequent 4AM wakeups? We shall see.

Happy Monday everyone!


Shawna said...

Fabulous Fabulous Everything!

Looks like you have had a jam-packed life!!!!

Love the toes!

Yay for girl time :)

auntie b said...

all i can say about that photo of me singing...HOTNESS.

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