Thursday, 12 June 2008

Jolly Jumping + First Raspberries

To make up for my lack of blogging last week, I am posting a video of Liliane and her newly acquired Jolly Jumping skills. It took her a while to figure it out but she gets it now:

AND.... she had her first raspberries this morning. In order to be able to shower AND blog during naptime, I am forgoing the witty captions (except for one or two), so you'll just have to add them on your own.

So this is what sticky is like...

Karaoke, highchair style.

Bubble, bubble, boil and trouble,
give me more rasperries on the double!

You can almost see her first tooth in this one...

This is the one that I took the time to color correct. Imagine all of the photos looking like this. Then imagine me going on day three of no shower in sweaty weather. Ick. You see why I only did one?
Got my new diet plan yesterday from the helpful folks at the diabetes clinic. I do not, DO NOT have diabetes, although I was a borderline case while I was pregnant (a very common side effect of being knocked up) and followed a fairly strict sugar-verboten meal plan until Liliane was born. I remember actually being in the hospital the day after giving birth and getting a tiny square of McCain deep and delicious chocolate cake for dessert. Stéphane fed it to me (as our baby was pretty much attached to my nipples the entire time we were there) and the JOY I felt at that moment ALMOST eclipsed the joy of finally meeting our baby girl. Almost. I actually have a history with that particular dessert which made my reunion with sugar extra special but that's another story...
Anyway, in order to help patients avoid developing diabetes later on, the clinic will give you a post natal meal plan to keep us new Moms from hopping the fast train to Chubbsville. I finally called last week and asked for mine and voilà, I have a plan. It's not too painful so we'll see how it goes. People have been very kindly asking me if I've lost weight recently (!?) so that's given me some incentive to keep up some good habits. I'll keep you posted.
Today I have to take our beloved camera in to be fixed (issue with the flash) in hopes of having it back before Liliane and I leave for Vancouver in July. I also have plans to see Sex and the City tonight with Joyce (Rosie's Mommy) AND I'm getting a massage tomorrow! Stéphane is off work (three cheers for summer hours) so I'm excited to have someone work out these knots in my shoulders (developed due to random nighttime teething wakeups - thank goodness for Orajel. And Tylenol. Oh and Baby Tylenol.) I may even do a tiny bit of clothes shopping. Yahoo! If only I could eat chocolate, it would be a perfect day :)

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Shawna said...

The Jolly Jumper is God's gift to Moms! I love it & obviously so does she!

Raspberries - a delight to all, my favorite berry!

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