Monday, 14 April 2008

Weekend Projects

Even though it was the end of a long week at work, on Friday night my long-suffering husband agreed to put up these cutie coat hooks in Liliane's room:

We bought them actually before Liliane was born and for some reason last week (PMS), my tolerance for small, unfinished projects was at an all-time low... Hence the Friday night chores.

Once that was done we used the new vacuum to clean up the dust and I can confirm that it works like a charm. I jumped into the shower and when I came out, this was waiting for me:

My two sleepy babies, plumb worn out. That was Friday.

On Saturday we continued on the "small, unfinished projects" theme and dropped Liliane off at her grandparents' house so that Stéphane and I could get some work done on Eric and Tina's wedding video. I'm proud to say that we more than accomplished our goal for that day and are even feeling pretty positive about having it all finished in time for their first anniversary coming up in May. Phew! Better late than never... right?

When we went back to get Liliane, we got to stay for dinner and hang out with two of my sisters in law. I didn't bring the camera, but here are some pix of us after we got home. Liliane got a new pair of slippers from Grandmaman:

Hey, these are new...

On Sunday we went to mass where I hung out with the Dad of another wriggly, noisy, adorable baby. They don't have a nursery set up or anything, so we chatted in the main sanctuary of the church while the mass went on in the smaller chapel. The other baby is almost 9 months old so we talked about daycare, sleep, crawling, stuffy noses, etc.

When we got home my pal Deb had already arrived from Ottawa so we headed out to try brunch at a restaurant in our neighbourhood. We ate well (omelettes and chocolate banana crepes - it tasted better than it sounds) and then Deb and I headed off to the mall for some girlie time.

Deb helped me find a new pair of jeans - a daunting task if ever there was one. I am so grateful for all my friends, but my long-time friends are the most precious to me. Love you guys!
Liliane has recently discovered her toes! I tried to capture her cuteness last night... As a bonus, you can kind of see the dimples in her elbows in this one:

And to finish off, as I was writing this morning, I looked over to find my travelling girl already bored with her playmat toys and moving on to figuring out how the arch works. Perhaps a future in engineering?
Just one more. This morning in her crib. Yummy.
In other news... Liliane and I are going to check out a home daycare not far from us that would have a spot open at the end of August. I spoke to the woman who runs it and she sounds lovely so I'm feeling good about it. Even if this doesn't turn out to be the one, I have hope that there will be other options. What a relief.
It's a beautiful sunny day here and the snow has almost melted! Off to the grocery store when baby wakes up. I'll get back to the taxes in the meantime. Or watching Ellen.

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mom said...

Love the pics of her looking at her new slippers - she IS yummy!!

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