Monday, 7 April 2008

Continuing on the Food Theme...

...we finally fed Liliane some greenbeans on Sunday night. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I can confirm that she didn't hate it.

Here is her before picture:

No cameras, please.

And you thought the rice cereal tasted weird...

Besides introducing our child to veggies, we did a few other fun things this weekend... I bought a vacuum cleaner! Plus we went to Ikea to pick up a few things and actually left there with credit to spare.
After church on Sunday we went to a new resto that opened on Park Avenue called EM Café for a really brilliant brunch. (I say new, but I think it's been open since the fall. Anything that happened around when the baby was born has been flying under the radar for me...) The food was delish and there's a really cool, fresh vibe in there, not to mention the most excellent artwork:

This is a detail, but the entire bathroom is painted like this, plus there is another piece at the back of the dining room. Love it.

The weather was really beautiful on Sunday and the snow is finally starting to melt so we walked all over the place to soak up the spring and wow, did that feel good!

The bad news is that I caught Stéphane's cold so now I hab a code ib my node, but not for long. Liliane seems to have picked it up, too, which is a drag but on the upside, she is taking some very long naps! Otherwise, we're working on planning her baptism which is set for May 25th and trying to finish Eric and Tina's wedding video that we shot LAST YEAR. They are being very patient and understanding about the fact that our tiny roommate here takes up a lot of our time :)
5PM, still in my Pjs. Got to stop blogging now and do something useful. Like blow my nose. Again.

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