Friday, 11 April 2008

Sippy Cup, Cupcakes, Go Habs Go!

I may have mentioned this before, but we are pretty big on hockey in our house. Especially when the Canadiens are IN THE PLAYOFFS! Liliane is herself a fan of the Habs and has seen pretty much all their games, so I think she will forgive us one day for the dorky pictures above. Ça sent la coupe!

I took these yesterday morning of the park across the street. The hockey rink has been dismantled and even though the snow hasn't completely melted, the boys of Little Italy are already out playing soccer. It never fails to cheer me up to see people playing in the park. It makes me think that there is hope for humanity if people can still run around outside until their parents/wives have to call them in for dinner (or bedtime).

This is Stéphane demonstrating what we call a bisou attack:

(Bisou is a cutie Québécois term for kiss)
The Baby Guru thought it was time for Liliane to get familiar with drinking water from a sippy cup, so I hooked her up with one the other day. She gets it. Sort of.
If you think it's so great, why don't YOU try it??

Liliane and I went over to visit baby Rose (newborn daughter of our friends Julie and Joyce) earlier this week and I made some cupcakes for the occasion. Actually, let me rephrase. I had a burning desire to eat more cupcakes, a box of angel food cake mix in the cupboard, a stick of butter or two in the freezer and an excuse to share them with someone else. These photos could also be captioned: "How I Dealt with PMS this month":

(Not pictured is the half bag of Mini eggs I munched through last night. Why can't I ever crave carrots?)
And last but not least, I was inspired to share photos of the cool threads we bought for Liliane while we were in NYC. I love these pants!
This shirt came from my friend Paola. Perfectly sums up how I feel:

Awww. Baby Love. So great.
I was a busy bee the other day and I booked the place for Liliane's baptism reception, bought some really lovely notecards that we will use to construct our invitations, picked up a catering menu from IGA and made us a budget and everything! I must admit that some of my efficiency may stem from an overwhelming desire to NOT work on getting our taxes done, but why over analyse a good thing?
In my defense, I started our taxes yesterday and it won't be such a big deal. I get real pleasure from doing it on my own - it's a little weird actually. I even called the Revenue Canada Help line and spoke to someone who not only had a personality, but even a sense of humour! That's rare for people in Ottawa :) (Right Deb?!)
I STILL haven't used my shiny new vacuum cleaner OR my new Febreeze duster thingy. When I'm not doing our taxes (or thinking of way to avoid doing them or overeating inappropriate snacks), I'm obsessing about daycare. I think this may be another PMS thing this month, (my husband will happily confirm that), but my post-natal, hormone-riddled Mommy brain has seized upon the whole child care issue and decided to make it a big deal. Of course it IS a big deal, but let's have a little perspective here people. (That would be me addressing the neurons or whatever that run my brain). I've got 5 months to figure out a solution and we've been on waiting lists for almost a year now and once I go back to work, we will likely be able to afford a private daycare (which is still cheap at $25 or $35/day compared to the rest of Canada or heaven forbid, the U.S.) especially since 75% of the costs come back to you at tax time. It's not like I'm out of options or anything but panicking is just so much more fun than having faith, isn't it?
Anyway, if anyone has any leads on daycare in Montréal, please let me know. For my husband's sake, please let me know SOON.
OK, back to taxes. It's almost the weekend everybody, enjoy your day!

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