Tuesday, 22 April 2008


We're still in the game! My two hockey fans and I cheered long and loud for the Habs during a fierce match last night that ended 5-0 for us. Buh bye Boston! See Stéphane's blog for a brand new micro-film on this subject :)

The other reason to Phewf! is that I got a confirmation this morning that Liliane has a spot in the daycare I posted about. The one with the educator that is so sweet who has a dog and three cats and completely fell in love with our chubby little bundle. What a relief! We're going back on Friday to sign the papers and Stéphane is coming along to check it out, too. She won't be starting until the end of August, but at least now we can spend the whole summer having fun without worrying about what's going to happen when I go back to work.

What I should say is, now I only have to worry about how sad I will be to not be spending all day with her when I go back to work. But (à la Scarlett O'Hara) let's not think about that right now! We have a while before I have to deal with all that. Gulp.

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Anonymous said...

Good news! It must be such a relief to know that it's all settled. It's nice to see my Quebec tax dollars at work ;)


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