Saturday, 19 April 2008

Spring! Finally!

I was at the computer on Thursday morning when I looked over to see this out the living room window:

Yep, a guy in the tree with a chainsaw. Such a lovely way to start the day.

Liliane preferred to start the day sideways, head burrowed in her lamb (perhaps to drown out the sound of the chainsaw?) and her wee hand reaching for freedom. Or food.

I took these later that same morning. Nothing says spring like a pink hyacinth, right?

Later on I got her dressed in her first springy/summery outfit ever. I got a semi-smirk for my efforts:

This is Friday afternoon. It was another beautiful day and we spent the morning walking around, visiting a daycare and doing some errands. When we finally got home, I set Liliane up on the bed while I read a little and, naturally, took a few pictures... I call this series: "Do NOT Smile at Mama When She Has the Camera".

So speaking of daycare... the whole situation has completely turned around. Last week I went to visit my first daycare ever: a home not too far from here that has a place available starting at the end of August. Liliane and I really hit it off with the couple that runs it. Unfortunately, it turns out that we'll need to drop our little bundle off a little earlier every morning than they hoped so that place didn't work out. BUT the owner of THAT daycare referred me to the daycare where she sends HER son. I know it's complicated, but there is a point to all this, just hang in there.

On Friday morning Liliane and I trundled off to daycare #2, (about a half-hour walk from our house or three metro stops) armed with an excellent recommendation from daycare #1 and a good feeling on my part that if daycare #1 owner sent her own kid there, we're on the right track. Right. So, we get there, we meet the lovely woman that runs the place, meet her dog and three cats (kind of fun for Liliane since we're not allowed to have pets at our apartment), talk about how she likes to run things, see how she interacts with the other kids and I think we have a winner. She is going to call us back on Monday to confirm, but she completely fell in love with Liliane (of COURSE she did!) I think mainly because she was so calm. And adorable. Naturally. So that means that she would start at the end of August which coincides nicely with my going back to work on September 22nd.

Interesting sidebar: Childcare in Quebec is a little different from the rest of Canada. The government subsidizes a big chunk of the daycare facilities so that we the parents only pay $7/day or about $150/month. Cool, right? There are home daycares that are also regulated by the government and are strictly checked to make sure that all the rules are followed: no more than 4 kids per adult at all times, hygiene procedures, emergency exits, first aid training, educational programs are in place, permits and paperwork are in order, etc. Our daycare is one of these so we will be paying $7/day and we have the security of knowing that all the standards will be met. Gotta love our "distinct society" for that. And the brilliant parental leave plan (I'm off for 50 weeks!). Not to mention the poutine.

It is now Saturday morning and I am off to get my hair cut again (that new 'do I posted last time was a big hit, hoping to reproduce it this morning), and we are going to actually send in our taxes today. Yay! It's another gorgeous sunny spring day so we thought we'd spend a little family time outside at some point before heading off to my Mother-in-law's birthday dinner. I'll try and remember the camera tonight.

Tomorrow we'll be working on the wedding video and check Stéphane's blog for a new micro-film!

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