Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Eyes Have It + In Praise of the Sushi Bib + Turnover!

WARNING: repetitive close-ups of my "so-cute-I-can-hardly-stand-it" daughter with dorky captions ahead!

Liliane was looking at me just like this as I was feeding her chicken and carrots for lunch today so by the time we got to the pears for dessert, I had the camera out... Her peepers were popping against the blue fabric, I just couldn't help myself. You know how it is.

I took the photos below to show you my most favourite bib of all - the sushi bib. A gift from my Auntie Jean this Christmas, the sushi bib is a wonder. It's made of leather, it's reversable, it's stylin', it's CANADIAN and it attaches and detaches so easily thanks to handy magnets in the back. I LOVE it.
Here we have Liliane playing imaginary rock band with her rock star bib:
Power to the babies!
Welcome to Hotel California...
Imaginary duet

In the development milestone department, I am proud to report that Liliane actually turned over all on her own this morning! I put her down on her mat and not ten seconds later, this it what happened:

Can I help you with something?

It's finally warm and sunny around here so yesterday I got Liliane a hat. Here we are packed up to go do a couple of errands this afternoon. I know, crazy cute, right?

Gotta go, kiddo is waking up and cranky. She now has a habit of rolling on to her tummy and getting completely irritated when she can't do much besides kick her feet and lift her head when she gets there. Better go rescue her.


mom said...

I'm SWOONING here!! What a babe! And what a clever girl, turning over all by herself!

Anonymous said...

She is the Queen of Cute. :) I am excited about babysitting on Monday!! :D

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