Thursday, 24 April 2008

Gifties and Girlfriends

I truly had every intention of leaving my blog be for today, but then darn it all, my longtime best friend Julie, (this is my best friend Julie on the EAST coast, not my best friend Julie on the WEST coast that shared rhubarb with me at 3 years old), sent Liliane a care package yesterday and so I took a few photos of her first experience with wrapping paper!

Julie on the EAST coast loves telling the story of how I came up to her in grade three to inform her (in my own modest way) that I was the smartest girl in MY class and asked her where she ranked in HER class. Something like that.
For the record, East coast Julie far outranks me in pretty much every way: she has an undergrad degree in physics from McGill for crying out loud, she is also a brilliant writer and poet, she is athletic, spritual, she is a mother of not one but two kids under 5 (one of whom is adopted on top of it all), she has travelled all over the world doing missions work, actually HELPING and TEACHING people alongside her equally adorable husband, Kevin. Don't even get me started on how cool that family is (not to mention good looking).

We are taking our family vacation out to Nova Scotia this summer and I can't wait to meet Miss Kecia and introduce Liliane to this lovely family:

Love you Joob!

Anyway, enough gushing about girlfriends, back to photos. Stéphane did the ultimate Dad move yesterday and put Liliane on his shoulders! Good thing the camera wasn't far...

Hockey comes back tonight - we're taking on the Philadelphia Flyers. Just to show you how crazy this city is about our national sport, check out this sculpture downtown:
Stéphane's office is not far from here and one of his colleagues took these photos. Merci Annabelle!
I just want to point out that all that nasty hooliganism that went down after the the last game has nothing to do with hockey. Those bozos are not actual Canadiens fans, just jerks looking to cash in on the mob mentality. Everyone is pretty revved up for tonight's game and the police are already geared up and standing by to avoid a repeat of the other night.
It's another glorious day around here and I am even starting to see green buds appearing on the trees. Enfin!
Liliane and I are off to visit a local Baby Guru - my friend Kirsten who had her #3 baby in February. She and her husband Mark already have two cutie boys (aged 5 I think and around 18 months) so she's got her hands full. I haven't met the new kid (born after about two hours of labour - you go, girl!) and Kirsten hasn't seen Liliane for a few months so this should be fun.
Go Habs Go!

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mom said...

Good that she's getting a handle on unwrapping presents now - she's got a lot in her future! So nice to see Julie and her cute family, too!
I think I heard on the news that someone is going to be putting a jersey on one of our statues downtown - very cool!

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