Thursday, 3 April 2008

My Kinda Town - Part 2

I couldn't find the Rock Band pictures, so you'll just have to take my word for how much fun it is.

Bari took this one of Matthew and I getting the cupcake contest organized. You can't really tell from this picture but their kitchen is pretty teeny tiny, making organization of any kind a challenge. I solved our space problem by putting a good number of those pesky in-the-way cupcakes directly into my mouth. I know, the sacrifices I am willing to make are astounding.

"Uncle Matthew is holding me and not you. Nya nya."

Liliane with her godfather and as a bonus, the excellent artwork in their living room.

On Sunday we headed into the city. Our first stop was the Town Shop where I had my girls fitted with all new bras. I can't even begin to fully describe the joy of being all locked and loaded with the right size and everything, just when I thought perkiness of any kind was a thing of the far away, pre-baby past... For any of you "What Not To Wear" fans, this is the place where they send you when your tatas need a-boostin'. Sorry, no photos.

Next stop: Times Square! We were really looking forward to showing our curious little button the Mecca of flashiness and we weren't disappointed! She was right into all the lights and video, not to mention all the people! Here are but a few of the 5000 photos we took:

Looking pensive at the restaurant we stopped in to warm up after Times Square.

Then it was off to Top of the Rock, a new attraction that none of us had experienced. Basically the top of Rockefeller Centre is now open as a look-out and it was worth the $17 each to get up to the top because the view was gorgeous. Looking south over downtown towards the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty:

And north over Central Park:

Here are a few of the 5000 pictures we took up there:

Bari took this one. I LOVE it.

Once we had exhausted every possible view from all angles, we headed back to Brooklyn and a delicious fajita dinner thanks to chef Matthew. We spent the rest of that evening playing Rock Band! I tried singing and guitar, but my real groove is on the bass. The next morning we pretty much packed up and hit the road by about 1PM. After getting lost trying to get to the 87 (we accidently went via New Jersey and took a bit of a detour. OK, a long detour.) we finally found our way. Getting back was a little trickier because we left later so Liliane got tired faster, but she was still pretty relaxed. We got home around 11PM. Here are my two travel partners:

Stéphane resisted throwing the Exer-saucer out onto the highway many times because it was such a big pain to pack in the car. I was in the back keeping Liliane entertained for the last leg so the Exer-saucer was parked in the front seat, jabbing into Stéphane's elbow. I am thankful that my long-suffering husband went along with this scheme of mine because now Liliane has a super cool toy to play with!
So that's it for our NYC trip. A raving success all in all. Liliane has been a little cranky since we've been back (the Baby Guru tells me that's normal) but otherwise, all is well. We're already planning our next one...


Jennifer said...

love the pictures!! Looks like you had a good time even with out me!!
Can you please send me the pensive pic of my neice I must have it!

mom said...

Wow - almost felt like I was there! Really great journal of your trip and wonderful pics!!

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